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Turn it Up

ima (今, “now”) is a partner for artists and entertainment industry.

We help and understand

We acknowledge the artist’s creative process and work for solutions to boost their career

100% owned by you

You receive the final product and you own them to host them with us or with somebody else.

Fast & Furious

We help you to take off faster than you think. We adapt to your timeline and release calendar.


We can help you with your music or content. We serve as a producer for creation of podcasts, streaming on Twitch/YouTube, and all Internet related things.

  • Samples & vocals recording.
  • Recording equipment for hire.
  • Live events streaming
  • Live audio mixing, recording.
  • DJ, Audio gear, Lightning, renting services.
  • Medleys and music sets recording for special projects (videos, memorials).


We serve artists to handle or create their brand assets & activities by using tools such as online master classes, covers, content creation, etc.

  • Artist brand building.
  • Logo and other branding elements creation (podcast names, shows).
  • Digital & printed production of promo materials (flyers, displays, wristbands, ticketing)
  • Production & post-production of mutimedia assets.


We build your website, profiles, and other promotion channels. We create and adapt your current content according to each social media platform.

  • Content management for all digital assets.
  • Websites, landing pages, giveaways, newsletters, and surveys with audience.
  • Digital content production for all channels.
  • CRM, contact centers, loyalty clubs.

We want to know about your projects.

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